The Asaf Jahi Nizam’s Sahebzadgan Association

The Asaf Jahi Nizam’s Sahebzadgan Association

The Asaf Jahi Nizam’s Sahebzadgan Association

The Asaf Jahi Nizam’s Sahebzadgan Association

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 Asafjahi Dynasty

After many months of reflection and internal discussions, We the family members  of the Asaf Jahi Dynasty of Hyderabad have formed a social organization in the name and style “The Asaf Jahi Nizam’s Sahebzadgan Association“, primarily to work for the cause and progress of India by promoting peace, love, harmony, tranquility and unbiased education among it’s citizens.  Along with our primary goals, our intention is to uplift the living conditions and social status of the neglected Asaf Jahi family members as well as other backward communities by providing basic education, consulting services, Career guidance, establish technical training centres, promote various arts, enhance personality development and entrepreneurship skills. Along with the social welfare, we are trying our level best to co-ordinate the Asaf Jahi family members residing in various parts of the globe and update the family tree.

We are trying our level best to revive the community and maintain the noble legacy of the Asaf Jahi Dynasty and preserve the heritage of the Estate Properties as well as the heredity rights of the neglected members against the injustice towards them. While providing our family with the space to focus on the next chapter, including the launch of our new charitable entity, we look forward to move into corporate sector and start our new ventures in various industries such as Information Technology, Real Estate, Construction, Jewelry, Readymade Garments, Hotels, Fashion Stores, Mega Marts etc., paving the way for the young generation to build up their career and lead the Dynasty to new heights. We shall be sharing the full details of this exciting next step in due course, as we look forward to collaborate with the Industrial giants, various M.N.C’s as well as Government of India and the Government of Telangana State towards working for the development and progress of India.

Chronicle of royals

The Asaf Jahi Dynasty was a Muslim dynasty that ruled the erstwhile Indian Princely State of Hyderabad (now the state of Telangana, the Marath-wadha region of Maharashtra and the Kalyana-Karnataka region of Karnataka) in India. The family came to India in the late 17th century and became employees of the Mughal Empire. They were great patrons of Persian culture, language, and literature, and the family found ready patronage.

The family has a noble hereditary lineage through Abū Bakr ʿAbd Allāh ibn ʿAbī Quhafa [R.A] who was the senior companion and was, through his daughter Aisha R.A, a father-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad Peace & Blessings upon him, as well as the first Caliph of the Rashidun Caliphate. He is known with the honorific title al-Siddiq by  Muslims.

Sarf e Khas

Sarf-e-Khas are crown lands across the princely state of Hyderabad belonging to Asaf Jahi Nizam’s  family covering almost  10,000 square miles. The Dar-ul-Shifa was the headquarters for Sarf-e-Khas during the reign of Nizam II. Sarf-e-Khas land revenue and the resources were used to serve the royalty exclusively, until its merger with Indian Union in 1948. It was taken over by the Government of India after the accession and paid The Last Nizam and his family a sum of Rs. 50 Lakhs per annum.

On 25th January 1950, The Government of India entered into Agreement with the Ruler of Hyderabad, H.E.H The Nizam VII, Sir, Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan Bahadur, scheduled under IV different Articles. Under Article II, the Government of India entitled the Ruler of full ownership, use and enjoyment of Private Properties movable and immovable (as distinct from state properties) held by him on the date of the Agreement. The final list of such properties were to be decided by the Arbitrator appointed by the Government of India.

Sahebzadas of Sarf-e-Khas

Sahebzadas are the young princes belonging to the Asaf Jahi Nizam’s Family, who are the descendants of Nizam-ul-Mulk, Asaf Jah I to Asaf Jah VI. Except the descendants who met their inheritance rights under vast Jagirs, Makhta’s, Kothiyat and Mahalat, the rest of the Sahebzadas were under the maintenance with monthly allowances from Sarf-e-Khas being administered by H.E.H The Nizam,  the  Administrative head of the Dynasty. The Sahebzadas were provided education by the most qualified and experienced teachers and institutions. The most qualified among them were appointed in the administration of H.E.H The Nizam’s Government and held esteemed positions. Sahebzadas were also appointed in H.E.H. The Nizam’s Secretariat, Osmania University, Osmania Hospital, Nizamia Hospital, Railway (NGSR) Administration, according to the degree of their qualification with high Salaries besides their separate monthly allowances called pensions. These Sahebzadas were the most loyal servants of the Asaf Jahi Dynasty, who helped the Nizam maintain administrative control over it’s dominion. H.E.H The Nizam VII, Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan with the Sahebzadgan, Shehzadas and Shehzadis

Sahebzadas of Sarf-e-Khas Trust

Since, H.E.H The Nizam VII, Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan Bahadur, surrendered the Sarf-e-Khas to the Government of India, he being the head of the Dynasty and custodian of the Private Properties had to look after the maintenance of the Sahebzadas as well as his Princes (Shehzadas). The Nizam was the custodian of several movable and immovable properties which was yet to be finalized, as per the Agreement between him and the Government of India on 25th January 1950. The Nizam was the custodian of several shares and securities as he being the head of the Dynasty was responsible for all it’s affairs and administration. In order to continue their monthly allowances, which otherwise could trigger a revolt in the Royal family, he created various trusts for the benefit of the Family members with the securities deposited by him with the Government of India. These Trusts came to be known as H.E.H The Nizam’s Trusts validated by the Ministry of States, Government of India in June 1950. The Trust created for the continuation of allowances to the Sahebzadas from the Sarf-e-Khas was created by H.E.H The Nizam VII, and the Trust Deed is represented as H.E.H The Nizam’s “Sahebzadas of Sarf-e-Khas” Trust.

Palaces of H.E.H The Nizam’s Private Estate

Naukhanda Palace

Chowmahalla Palace

Masarrat Mahal Palace

Falaknuma Palace

King Kothi Palace

Notable Personalities and their descendants Quarters

Members of SarfeKhas Trust

As mentioned in the schedule list of H.E.H The Nizam’s Trusts Re., Sahebzadas of SarfeKhas Trust


Samsam ul Mulk


Mubaraz ud Dowla


Roshan ud Dowla


Muzaffar ud Dowla


Jamal Unnisa Begum


Saif ul Mulk


Munawar ul Mulk


Zulfikar ud Dowla


Humayun Jah


Nawab Basalat Jung


Nawab Salabat Jung


Akbar Jah


Nawab Feroz Jung


Sulaiman Jah


Jahandar Jah


Mansoor Jung


Fareedon Jah

I'm Committed to carrying Forward the Legacy of my Ancestor's

- Azmet Jah

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Welcome to our virtual space dedicated to the rich and intricate tapestry of our family tree. This platform serves as a digital sanctuary where the branches of our heritage stretch and intertwine, weaving a story that transcends time. Join us on a journey of discovery, as we delve into the depths of our ancestry, celebrating the diverse roots that make us who we are.

Our family tree is more than just a record of names and dates; it’s a living testament to the stories, traditions, and legacies that have been passed down through generations. Each branch represents a unique individual, contributing to the collective narrative that has shaped our family over the years.

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